For thousands of years, the Chinese people have practiced Kung Fu with emphasis on health, art and self-defense. Today Kung Fu and Tai Chi are practiced at Goh's Kung Fu with the same values still holding true. At our school you can study traditional kung fu, tai chi, contemporary wushu and sanda(sanshou).

Experience benefits such as:


Kung fu training improves health and fitness, cardiovascular efficiency, flexibility, muscle strength and body compisition. The positive qualities developed through the training, such as: discipline, confidence, respect, determination and humility, improve the quality of the mind and are beneficial in daily life situations.

Goh's Kung Fu provides a caring, safe and well structured environment where students can develop their minds and bodies through its curriculum and training programs. Through their training, they will learn goal setting and the true value of hard work. As a fitness routine Goh's Kung Fu curriculum improves health, muscle toning and releases stress and tension.


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Kung Fu

Kung fu is one of the oldest and most widely practiced styles of martial arts, our forms are graceful, artistic; yet explosive. It teaches effective hand and kicking techniques with proper body coordiation. it is unique because it teaches courage and determination without aggressive overtones.


Sanda is a modern unarmed combat sport which developed from traditional kung fu techniques and primarily makes use of punching, kicking, throwing, wrestling and defensive techniques.


Contemporary wushu is dynamic, graceful and explosive. It is the style of action movies made popular by famous stars like Jet Li. At Goh's Kung Fu you will learn moves and chorography including open hand and weapons work as well as physical conditioning to increase jump power and flexibility.

Tai Chi

As an internal style practiced by millions of Chinese today, this low impact exercise regulates the central nervous system and helps to relieve stress. Tai Chi training emphasizes body coordiation, balance, relaxation, breathing and smoothness. it is practiced as a preventative exercise for stress, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Not sure what to do? We recommend starting with Kung Fu and then you can branch out after developing your martial arts basics and fundamentals.


We encourage those who seek the benefits of martial arts training to visit our facility. You are welcome to observe one of our classes and talk to our instructors.

You may begin with a free trial lesson in which stretching, fundamentals in strikes, stances, footwork are introduced. Afterwards, we can help you select a program that most suits your needs.

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Goh's Kung Fu is a lifetime member school of the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation