Meet Our Instructors

Allen Chen
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Perry Colvin
I began at Goh's Kung Fu in 2003 because I was looking for an exercise program that I could do with my children. I am happy at the school sharing and working with students to improve the skills and values that the school expounds. The values of kung fu are practice, patience and friendship. The classes I teach have a nice mix of children and adults who work together and improve physically and mentally. As an instructor this process requires my patience.
Siheng Perry teaches the White and Yellow Sash Class at 8:10pm on Thursdays and assists with the White and Yellow Sash Class at 10am on Saturdays.

Geoffrey Kahn
I came to Goh's Kung Fu in 2011. I had trained kung fu in Atlanta and when I moved to Baltimore I began looking for a new school. A simple Google search led me to Goh's. I continue training at Goh's Kung Fu because of the people here. The combination of high work ethic and low ego is spectacular. Goh's Kung Fu is a source of stability in my life and I've noticed that when I stop training everything else gets more difficult. My kung fu practice helps my sleep, my focus at work and my patience. I'm currently most passionate about my Sanda training and polishing my kickboxing. When teaching I enjoy sparring with students and seeing them improve. Watching a student block something I used to hit them with, and hit me with something new is very gratifying.
Siheng Geoff teaches the White and Yellow Sash Class at 5:30pm on Monday and covers Sanda class when needed.

Kevin Law
I started at Goh's Kung Fu in 1994 because my mom wanted me to be a stronger kid. After all of these years, I stay excited about being at the school every day because I love watching our students work hard and become better at kung fu. Kung fu is a constant challenge and allows me to always improve myself. It is something I try to do in other parts of my life as well. In my own training I try to reach higher goals and maintain the standards set by Chinese martial arts practitioners before me. In my own practice I am always striving to be faster and move with more power. When I am teaching I enjoy watching people have those “ah-ha” moments when they have made a noticeable improvement through cognitive processing of their practice and better understanding. Like my students, my teaching is always improving through hard work and experience.
Sifu Kevin teaches Wushu at 6:50pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Taiji at 6:50pm on Wednesdays, Invitational Advanced Class at 7pm on Fridays and Advanced Weapons at 12:45pm on Saturdays

Keith Lee
I started at Goh’s Kung Fu in 1994. I wanted to learn kung fu for as long as I can remember. I called a few places, but Goh’s Kung Fu felt right. The school was full of positive energy and there was a family oriented vibe that helped me decide to join. I stay excited at Goh’s Kung Fu for two reasons: there is a steady pace of evolving training routines and conditioning, and most importantly the Goh’s Kung Fu family and friendships. For me kung fu is a way of life. It helped me in my past to stay focused and set goals. Kung fu isn’t only for the physical improvements and learning to fight. It also helps me feel balanced and gives me a good work ethic. I utilize kung fu in all aspects of life! My training heals my soul and uplifts my spirit daily. It is great to teach in the amazing new training space we have thanks to a lot of hardworking kung fu family and friends. It is a great environment and the atmosphere is filled with positive energy. When I teach I get to help others set goals and move beyond their limits. My teaching is passionate, evolving and intense.
Siheng Keith teaches the Green Sash Class at 8:10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Melanie Lester
I started at Goh's Kung Fu in 2005. I was interested in kung fu even as kid watching "Black Belt Theatre" movies with my family. I was introduced to Goh's Kung Fu through Siheng Colin Barnhill when I was doing costumes for a locally produced independent film. Siheng Colin taught at the school for many years and eventually helped me get my black sash. On set he was talented but still humble and fun to joke around with in the wardrobe tent. His kung fu and attitude made me want to try classes at Goh's Kung Fu. Once I finished my trial class I was in love with the school. All of the instructors were so skillful and really encouraging. I felt at home and part of the community right away. I am happiest being at the school around people who help each other and push themselves to improve every day. For me kung fu presents a framework for my physical and mental growth. It is constant practice yielding very measurable improvements. I feel grateful and rewarded every time I'm at the school. Lately I've been most excited about building power in my wushu forms and being more fluid with my tai chi. Teaching at Goh's Kung Fu is so rewarding. I aim to be like my instructors and make students feel supported and empowered through their practice.
Sijeh Melanie teaches the Green Sash Class at 5:30pm on Mondays, Blue and Above Class at 5:30pm on Tuesdays, White and Yellow at 5:30pm on Wednesdays and co-teaches the Community Tai Chi Class at 9am on Saturdays.

Mark Lorenzo
I started at Goh's Kung Fu in 1998 after doing Tae Kwon Do. I was ready to try something different so I started taking classes in kung fu. Constantly seeing gains made by the students and myself keeps me motivated. Kung fu is about continuous learning. From working with Sifu running international events to moving the school to a new location and constructing a great training environment from the ground up, Goh's Kung Fu has taught me so many life lessons without throwing a single punch. Add to that the intensity of training to get my black sash or win a national full contact tournament and medaling in an international one, it is obvious that Goh's Kung Fu has influenced almost every aspect of my life. I love Sanda. It is practical and exciting. No two sparring sessions are the same so it keeps me on my toes. When I'm teaching I love watching students have breakthrough moments where something suddenly clicks.
Siheng Mark teaches Sanda at 6:50pm on Mondays and 1:30pm on Saturdays. He teaches Traditional sparring at 5:30pm on Wednesdays.

Donald Rapp
I began at Goh's Kung Fu in 2007. I was starting to focus more on my health and wanted to get involved in martial arts. My friends Siheng Justin Garrish and Matt Thomas introduced me to Goh's Kung Fu. I quickly realized that Goh's provides a mix of physical (power, endurance, agility and strength) and mental (confidence, self-discipline, and persistence) development that I was looking for. I've been inseparable from Goh's Kung Fu ever since because of the community; it's such an amazing group of people. Beginner to advanced sashes, there is endless motivation to be a better person when I come in every day. Kung fu has impacted everything from my professional development to my personal growth. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for kung fu. I do my best each training session, no matter what. My goals are the same as when I started: to keep pushing my limits. I want today to be better than yesterday and tomorrow to be better than today. I apply this same philosophy to my teaching at Goh's Kung Fu. Instructing at Goh's Kung Fu allows me to be part of a team that wants to see people succeed by utilizing a holistic training approach that integrates traditional training methods and modern exercise science training principles, all while having fun.
Siheng Don currently assists with beginner and advanced classes.

Stephanie Scharpf
I started training at Goh's Kung Fu in 2009. It was my first martial arts experience of any kind. I was referred by a friend when my son became interested in trying martial arts. I continue to practice because I continue to improve there is always something new to learn. Additionally, I enjoy the attitude and outlook of the people there and I think it helps me stay healthy mentally and physically. Kung fu is a great stress reliever. It allows me to leave behind all the stress of the day and focus on just one thing completely. I also like to surprise people when I tell them I do kung fu! I enjoy weapons practice, especially any form that involves a sword! In my teaching, I love working with the new people trying kung fu for the first time. I love watching people develop a passion for training as they begin to realize they can do it!
Sijeh Stephanie teaches the White and Yellow Sash Class on Tuesday at 8:10pm and co-teaches the Community Tai Chi Class on Saturday at 9am.

Brandon Yeung
I started my training at Goh’s Kung Fu in 2000 with my father Siheng Steve and sister Sijeh Kristen. I wanted to learn Chinese martial arts to practice self-defense and learn discipline and resilience. I continue training because I know there is always something I can improve on. That keeps me hungry to learn more and always stay active. In the Sanda class lead by Siheng Mark I feel my best. The constant training with tough partners like Siheng Geoff and Siheng Don helps improves our skills and abilities as fighters and instructors. Iron sharpens iron. I have experienced success in kung fu and understand that it is due to hard work. Sifu Kevin and my dad have taught me to apply that mindset and work ethic to every aspect of my life. It makes me happy to see passionate students improve and develop their skills. The classes I teach are practical, fast paced and enjoyable.
Siheng Brandon teaches Blue and Above Class on Saturdays.

Steve Yeung
I started at Goh's Kung Fu in 2000 with my family because I wanted my children to learn Chinese Kung Fu, discipline, respect and hard work. I'm still training and teaching at Goh's Kung Fu because we respect and support each other to achieve a higher level than what we could achieve on our own. In Chinese "kung fu" means skill developed through hard work. It teaches me humility because no matter how much you've improved, you can always get better. I've always told my children that what we learn practicing kung fu applies to our everyday life: in our schooling, work and family. I continue to learn new skills from other instructors and Sifu Kevin. It's great to learn new things because it challenges your mind and body. With practice I discover how to move my body to generate more speed and power. When you reach that discovery it is very fulfilling and it takes continuous hard work to maintain it. I enjoy teaching beginners and see them grow. It is very rewarding as an instructor to see new students who are stiff and awkward in the beginning and become more flexible and physically coordinated in a fairly short period of time.
Siheng Steve teaches White, Yellow, Green Sash Class at 10am and Beginner Weapons at 11am on Saturdays.
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Goh's Kung Fu is a lifetime member school of the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation